Zen in the City - Trauma specialist + holistic practitioner. Nocturnal appointments and house calls available. Empathic counselling, therapeutic art, meditation, energy healing, spiritual healing and trauma-informed tarot readings blended into a 1.5 hour session customised for you. Ground and centre and process with non-judgemental support.


Why it works: Neuroscience is the area of scientific evidence for the effectiveness of HICAT. The brain in a state of stress goes into the fight-or-flight response, aka the stress response where breathing becomes shortened and digestion is put on hold. Expressing feeling without trying to make the world’s greatest picture allows us to calm our nerves, shift some emotional energy, release tension from the limbic brain (part that handles emotion) and enter into the rest-and-digest response where breathing becomes deeper and we feel more creative and relaxed. It’s a great state of mind to solve your own problems from and troubleshoot creatively  :)

Who am I?
My name is Petra (he/him pronouns) a 40-something two-spirit valley local. Dance therapy is a passion of mine as a self taught dancer and choreographer, although I work with many different mediums (eg charcoal, oil pastels, montage, sound, writing, dance, and photography)
I’m an occasional volunteer with Zed digital community radio under the name DJ Orchard and I LOVE to discuss why we like the songs we do and what memories and associations it evokes for us. It’s my favourite kind of therapy, especially to combine with drawing while we talk. I like to work early in the morning (before dawn) and late at night but can be flexible in times I can meet people.


I was born in Jordan.
I’m a eurasian gypsy healer.
I was trafficked as a child and practiced on the other slaves growing up. It would make me feel better cause I’m an empath.
I’ve been working on myself so that I can feel confident taking money for something I’ve always given away.
Personal circumstances made me an expert in trauma. I qualified as a Holistic Integrated Creative Arts Therapist [College of Conscious Living, Brisbane] with accelerated learning in 2021
*Reduced fees by negotiation for genuine need, additionally open to off-grid style trades.